A picture, a new home page on http://www.metacouture.com …show in July, 5 albums out, reviews of my music,… ~ s

New home page on http://www.metacouture.com …show in July, 5 albums out, reviews of my music,… ~ s
The picture below is now on the #Metacouture homepage…. ~ stefan

“Anime Umbrella Portrait - Smoke Series”
by Stefan Daniel Bell & Ethan Allen
Credits for the picture above:
New Media & Traditional Print Consulting, Fashion Coordination, Art Direction Fashion, Hair & Makeup Design, & Styling: Stefan Daniel Bell & Metacouture™

Photography Notes…

Who: Credits. Creative director and photographer: Ethan T. Allen
Model: Piper Attebery

Hair and makeup: Xochitl Angelica

What: Anime Umbrella Portrait - Smoke Series; Beauty image of a woman wearing futuristic armor made of lace with a couture layered gown merged with smoke by the artist.
Why: To document Beauty and create fashion from natural forms to reflect the life of the photographer, Ethan Allen. Photographs were taken in a natural light studio set up in front of his house at the certified organic farm he lives on in coastal Sonoma County, California.

You can hear Stefan’s music here:

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Hear new music by Stefan Daniel Bell available now on iTunes. http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/stefan-daniel-bell/id504783238 
Genres: Classical, Pop, Rock, Soundtrack, “Film Score”, “Hard Rock”, “Classic Rock”, “Glam Rock”, “Hip Hop”, Rap, “Instrumental Hip Hop”, Downtempo, “Break Beat”, “Classical Metal”, “British Pop”, “British Rock”, Alternative, Indie, Electropop, “New Wave”, “Post Punk”, Punk, R&B, Soul, Disco, Funk, Ambient, Trance, Dance, Electronic, “20th Century”, “21st Century”, Gospel, Mod, Grunge, Guitar, Acapela, “Heavy Metal”, Jazz, “Acid Jazz”, Lounge, Groove, Glam, Experimental, Vocal, among many more

Quick bio I just wrote for my iReport page you may like ~ stefan

Quick bio I just wrote for my iReport page you may like ~ stefan

I am an artistic guy that has been able to cross over into a few disciplines as a result of critical praise in those areas. My classical realistic art has had a few prestigious shows (show resume on my home site soon). My fashion debuted at the Waldorf Astoria in 2007 at Couture Fashion Week, and has been praised as innovative and futuristic; I call it Japanese Victorian (it is technically a revival of the Japanese and Eastern Victorian movement in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s).

I’m currently a member of ASCAP in their Classical division and have been preparing to release my music for a few years now. My music is wide ranging in it’s influences (a more complete page is being created on my home site). Primarily I am influenced by the work of Mozart and Bach (among many other Classical composers) as they relate to the popular music forms of the 20th century, rock, jazz, gospel, hip hop, electronica, and dance music (among many others).I’m in the process of releasing many albums, ebooks, and have numerous ways that I do that through what I call New Media (formerly known as social media and the Internet)

Thank you for reading this! You can connect with me through Twitter:
Main page:
Music page:
@The_Stefan_Have a blessed day!
~ stefan

#Fan FYI ~ Metacouture™ Fashion Store on Smashing Darling for your perusal… ~ stefan http://www.smashingdarling.com/store/metacouture-the-futuristic-handmade-crocheted-and-cut-and-sew-designs-of-stefan-daniel-bell

#Fan FYI ~ Metacouture™ Fashion Store on Smashing Darling for your perusal… ~ stefan http://www.smashingdarling.com/store/metacouture-the-futuristic-handmade-croc…

New Fashion Film by Stefan

Relax… The “buy this now” marketing is happening in other ways; I am going to stores, reps, etc…

This is a blog for #Fans to see what I am up to. Please show people for the presentation and to show designs you like to friends. Don’t look at the prices if you have to have something. We are #human at Metacouture™ ~ we will figure out how to get a piece on you if you become unbearably attached (we are innovating payment plans to help make it easier to buy if you want to).* Write Metacouture@gmail.com for inquiries or call / txt (347) 292-8229 until you get a response.

http://www.metacouture.com ..don’t forget to listen and download my music for free at:

All my best for and to You. Don’t adjust your monitor. I am not in control of the Internet, or what you like: I am still the one here ROCKING This for You. More quality, more content, same approach, same appreciation of you. with #Gratitude
~ stefan 

 *Quick overview of Metacouture™
1) Offline, we are a maker of fine, hand-made couture and fashion for a select few clients who have to have futuristic avant garde clothes no one has seen.
2) Online we are The New Kind of News™ in Fashion, Couture, Futuristic, Japanese Victorian, American Harajuku by Stefan Daniel Bell.
3) By popular demand we are begining production on HD Arts & Culture segments for broadcast release.
4) We are making product lines decided on by the needs of all our #Fans  

Rock & Roll Japanese Victorian Street Fashion by Stefan Daniel Bell ( @StefanBell )& @3than4llen


Rock & Roll Japanese Victorian Street Fashion
Google Search: rock & roll fashion  

Photography: Ethan T. Allen
Art Direction: Stefan Daniel Bell
Styling: Michelle Hartnett
Model: Jillian, Stars Models
Hair: Ivan Mendoza
Makeup: Thao Duong

Transparent Kimono with Crocheted Accents
Lace Shoulder Armor as mini skirt
Couture by Stefan Daniel Bell

Stefan Daniel Bell

Clitches are Wisdom | Stefan Daniel Bell | Video Blog | Metacouture™

Clitches are Wisdom | Stefan Daniel Bell | Video Blog | Metacouture™

Video blog discussion:
psuedo intellectual anthropoligical assessment that clitche’s are ancient wisdom
"bird in the hand is worth two in the bush"
"bloom where you’re planted"
"more money more problems"

@metacouture where ever you log on…
Metacouture™ The New Kind of News™ since 2010 | Arts & Culture | Music, Art, Fashion, Cinema…| New Media Content | Stefan Daniel Bell | Founded 2005


People & Blogs



Clitches are Wisdom | Stefan Daniel Bell | Video Blog | Metacouture™


Metacouture™ is… (Summary, Overview, History) “Metacouture™ is like a fabric in between what enthusiasts or fans call the entertainment industry.” ~ stefan

Metacouture™ The New Kind of News™ since 2010 | Arts & Culture | Music, Art, Fashion, Cinema…| New Media Content | Stefan Daniel Bell

Stefan Daniel Bell of Metacouture™

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• Metacouture is like a fabric in between what enthusiasts or fans call the entertainment industry.We call it work. Just like you. 

• The word celebrity means celebrated. Like Aaron A. Brooks said, “Bowie is famous.” Art is anything done with intention and sincerity. Metacouture makes celebrated arts and culture content. 

• Metacouture is a tv station that is always on. A radio station you can see. A magazine with a new cover every day. Metacouture is the constantly new news in global arts and culture. 

• The chances you don’t know music, cinema, art, fashion, or performance art done by an artist associated with metacouture are as small as you reading this on Mars in 2011.

• Metacouture is not spam, porn, or fluff. Metacouture is as real as inspiration. 

• Metacouture is not your parents’ entertainment. Metacouture lives in the life you bring to it by just tuning in.

• Metacouture isn’t here to demand anything but your attention. Dare to be inspired.

• What if Arts and Culture were more important than fire? Or the wheel? …art, music, painting, sculpture, makeup, and hair styles all predate the widespread use of both. mmm…?

• Metacouture lives in the reality that all art is made for You. We don’t try to market what your soul already owns. Like all humans we bill for our time and skills.

• The difference between good art and bad art is a boring argument. Metacouture artists make art they Believe in. Metacouture Salon members lead by example. 

• Metacouture is more than a cool word for a salon.

"Do you dream when you dream? Do you dream in color? When your life sees red? Do you dream? When you dream? Dream!"

~ Stefan Daniel Bell

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History of Metacouture

Before becoming Metacouture™ The New Kind of News™

Metacouture evolved from a boutique couture fashion design company, to including fine art, then to becoming a record label to release music in 2008; all the while working in what used to be called PR to pay Stefan’s bills. 

"Artists, designers, and musicians have to wear many hats to get their work to market. It was all happening so fast that it was years before I realized my best commercial offer, at the time, was the promotional skills I developed to show my work to a larger audience. It just made sense to me at the time that I needed an internal PR component to what I was doing to save money, keep control of my company, while constantly adapting to the evolution of business between 2000-2010."

Originally founded by Stefan Daniel Bell to encompass his critically acclaimed futuristic couture and fashion designs, Metacouture quickly evolved to include his nationally acclaimed fine art career, and then his music in 2008.

As a result of determination and hard work, Stefan was part of the vanguard of what came to be called blogging. That is where Metacouture was born: first as a conversation about the future of fashion. “Originally, my goal was to have a platform to explain fashion designs that were so ahead of the market that I needed a way to explain what I was doing as the designs I was creating reached the mainstream, years after I had created them. I had to start releasing trade secrets, designs, and ideas so that that when the mainstream fashion market caught up, I had a way of publicly proving I had been there first. Patents can be violated and worked around. I needed public proof and a following to confirm they had seen it.”

Stefan found himself creating fashion first then later innovating new ways to promote and present designs publicly for wider market acclaim for his work- on a students’ budget.

"What happened by 2005 was that my fashion designs and art, though critically praised, were taking a back seat to my developing new ways to capitalize on emerging technologies, PR, and business practices utilizing what came to be known as social media. At the time, the majority of people were using websites like Yahoo, Google, and MySpace to date and live secret lives on the Internet. I was seen as fringe by both my audience and the business consultants that were coaching me through the process: people on the Internet saw me as weird for using my real name, and my business consultants were frustrated that I was promoting myself through websites (starting in 1999 with Yahoo, then Google, and then Web 2.0 sites like MySpace) that were seen as the new dating sites. I received a lot of attention online and the consistent question from all traditionally trained business people was, ‘It is very exciting that you are getting attention online, and, how are you going to make money from that?’

Celebrities, artists, designers, and entertainers with similar budget concerns and vision to see the breadth of his work approached Stefan to help them promote themselves and get their work shown to a wider audience. 

"At the same time I was working freelance in what used to be called PR, I was working on my own work, still trying to get it out there. Somewhere along the line the amount of work I was releasing began to show up in many search engines on websites like Google, along with my work for my clients from freelance PR consulting. I wasn’t just promoting people, I was a competent art director getting creative credit as well as being the strategist and technician completing the PR work behind the scenes."


 The Story of Stefan Daniel Bell | Biography for people who need to be impressed


Stefan Daniel Bell

"Biography of the Japanese Victorian Sasquatch, stefan daniel bell, x"


Overview and Summary


Resume and Work Offers


PR & Promotional Services


Check out the Metacouture YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/metacouture U All Rock. ~ stefan

Check out the Metacouture YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/metacouture U All Rock. ~ stefan

metacouture™ The new kind of news™ | arts & culture | music, art, fashion, cinema… | New Media Content, Management, & PR | Stefan Daniel Bell & Associates

This is a varied collection of videos, video blogs, and video commentary started in 2008. It gives a good range from personal to professional. My work, some work I have done with photographers like @JodiJones and @EthanAllen 

It has a large collection of my public sincerity announcements: a series of videos I have done of phrases I have used online to show what I look like when I say them.These are ranging from raw to professional, distant to close up. I have such a wide range of work it is hard to encapsulate, which is why I began last year to do an enormous number of video blogs to record myself to document my opinions, commentary, my views on life, reading of my articles, video blogs for posterity, messages to clients, friends, fans, and people all over the world who are saturated in the artistic process and are looking for constructive, positive messages reinforcing my core belief~ if you are inclined to create, you should.

In the span of the last three years my work has gotten wide acclaim, placed in search engines, and turned into something like a movement. I think most people think I work for a larger company, have a team of designers, and production staff. I don’t. The majority of my work was completed alone. Which isn’t to say it has been a solitary process~ my fans, Family, and close friends  have encouraged, prodded, and challenged me to show more, share more, try more….These videos are a tribute to anyone who has struggled with the creative process. It is not easy, however sometimes it has been quite fun. All in all I have to say it has been rewarding. I am glad that I chose to live a life of art in my early twenties. Art is not a choice, it is a calling. I am grateful for every minute I have been able to create; inspiration, craft, process, repeat.

Thank you for taking the time to look at these.