A picture, a new home page on http://www.metacouture.com …show in July, 5 albums out, reviews of my music,… ~ s

New home page on http://www.metacouture.com …show in July, 5 albums out, reviews of my music,… ~ s
The picture below is now on the #Metacouture homepage…. ~ stefan

“Anime Umbrella Portrait - Smoke Series”
by Stefan Daniel Bell & Ethan Allen
Credits for the picture above:
New Media & Traditional Print Consulting, Fashion Coordination, Art Direction Fashion, Hair & Makeup Design, & Styling: Stefan Daniel Bell & Metacouture™

Photography Notes…

Who: Credits. Creative director and photographer: Ethan T. Allen
Model: Piper Attebery

Hair and makeup: Xochitl Angelica

What: Anime Umbrella Portrait - Smoke Series; Beauty image of a woman wearing futuristic armor made of lace with a couture layered gown merged with smoke by the artist.
Why: To document Beauty and create fashion from natural forms to reflect the life of the photographer, Ethan Allen. Photographs were taken in a natural light studio set up in front of his house at the certified organic farm he lives on in coastal Sonoma County, California.

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#Fan FYI ~ Metacouture™ Fashion Store on Smashing Darling for your perusal… ~ stefan http://www.smashingdarling.com/store/metacouture-the-futuristic-handmade-crocheted-and-cut-and-sew-designs-of-stefan-daniel-bell

#Fan FYI ~ Metacouture™ Fashion Store on Smashing Darling for your perusal… ~ stefan http://www.smashingdarling.com/store/metacouture-the-futuristic-handmade-croc…

New Fashion Film by Stefan

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 *Quick overview of Metacouture™
1) Offline, we are a maker of fine, hand-made couture and fashion for a select few clients who have to have futuristic avant garde clothes no one has seen.
2) Online we are The New Kind of News™ in Fashion, Couture, Futuristic, Japanese Victorian, American Harajuku by Stefan Daniel Bell.
3) By popular demand we are begining production on HD Arts & Culture segments for broadcast release.
4) We are making product lines decided on by the needs of all our #Fans  

Rock & Roll Japanese Victorian Street Fashion by Stefan Daniel Bell ( @StefanBell )& @3than4llen


Rock & Roll Japanese Victorian Street Fashion
Google Search: rock & roll fashion  

Photography: Ethan T. Allen
Art Direction: Stefan Daniel Bell
Styling: Michelle Hartnett
Model: Jillian, Stars Models
Hair: Ivan Mendoza
Makeup: Thao Duong

Transparent Kimono with Crocheted Accents
Lace Shoulder Armor as mini skirt
Couture by Stefan Daniel Bell

Stefan Daniel Bell